2021 is our 22nd year administering the CWCP Program

2020 was a challenging year for everyone.  We appreciate your patience as every live class was canceled due to COVID 19.  But we persevered and thanks to your support we had near-record attendance. As we cautiously move into 2021, we are hopeful everyone’s lives will begin to get back to some sense of normalcy.  If you are considering joining the CWCP program you are in good company.  Over 200 organizations and 500 individuals participate in the program each year. If you already have your CWCP designation, thank you for your continued support of the CWCP program.  We have a great agenda for the Recert class this year:

2021 CWCP Recert Agenda

1. Welcome to the CWCP Program
2. COVID’s impact on work comp –  Eric Proser
3. Board Forms  – Teri Zarrillo
4. How to be successful in a mediation/hearing – Fred Green
5. Medicare set-asides – Dean Dellinger
6. Managing the ATP – Ryan Prescott
7. Teleworking – Nathan Levy
8. Managing pharmacy and pain management – Tom Sansalone
9. Updates in case law – Matt Walker
10. Importance of Supervisor relationships with employees –  Steve Heinen
11. The Financial Impact of Work Related Injuries – Steve Heinen
12. Key Elements to managing workers’ compensation costs – Steve Heinen
13. Respect in the Workplace – Steve Heinen

2021 Our 21st Year!

We just completed our 20th year administering the CWCP program. It was a great year.  We had record attendance and we expanded our live recert classes to include a class in my home town of Gainesville.  We have a great agenda for the recert this year:

Presenter                            Topic                                                                                  

Steve Heinen                     Wellness Program Impact on Work Comp

Steve Heinen                     Workers Compensation Incident Analysis

Steve Heinen                     Communication Strategies
Teri Zarrillo                       WC Forms

Eric Proser                         Catastrophic Injuries

Nathan Levy                      Posted Panel and Bill of Rights

Fred Green                         Top 10 adjuster mistakes

Matt Walker                       Updates on Georgia Case Law

Ryan Prescott                    Maximizing Your First Contact
Dean Dellinger                   Employment Law Considerations in WC

The CWCP Tradition

CWCP Certification Program –  20th Year Anniversary

Wow, 20 years!  How time flies!  When we kicked off our “Pilot” Class in 1999 we got rave reviews, followed by a simple challenge; keep the momentum going.  We accepted the challenge and now, 20 years later, the CWCP Program has surpassed all expectations.   To all the many participants who have supported us over the years, we Thank You!  To all the many participants who will join us in 2019, we Welcome You to the CWCP Tradition.

Because we’ve never rested on our laurels, 2019 will not be an exception.  We are very excited about this year’s curriculum and content, as well as some new activities planned this year.  Don’t delay in registering for your 2019 CWCP Course.  Let’s get this 20th Anniversary party started!

With a grateful heart,

Steve Heinen, AAI, CWCP
Founder- CWCP Program