2017 Is Our 18th Year Administering the CWCP Program.

To register for a CWCP Course, you must click on the REGISTRATION button at the top of the page OR the REGISTRATION link at the end of the appropriate paragraph below before entering your log-in information. Once registered, you may access the CWCP Training Site by simply entering your log-in information for all future visits.     -Thank You!


2017 CWCP Certification Course- 

The CWCP Certification Course is a 3 part process; an on-line, self-study Course, a live Webinar, and a Final Exam.  Completion of the on-line, self-study Course is required before attending the live Webinar.  We offer 5 live Webinars each year.  The 2017 Webinar dates are:  January 24, March 14, May 16, July 18 and October 17.  Upon successful completion of the CWCP Certification Course, a CWCP Professional Designation certificate is awarded each participant.  The cost of the CWCP Certification Course is $495.

To register please click here:  Registration Page.


2017 CWCP Re-Certification Course-

Please note, the CWCP Re-Certification Course is an ANNUAL Certification and is required to maintain a CWCP Professional Designation.   The CWCP Re-Certification Course can be taken as an on-line, self-study Course OR by attending a “live” CWCP Re-Certification Class.  We offer 2 “live” CWCP Re-Certification Classes each year in conjunction with the GWCA Spring Conference (Jekyll Island – June 5th) and the SBWC Fall Conference (Atlanta – August 30th).   DECEMBER 1, 2017 is the deadline for COMPLETING the CWCP Re-Certification Course.  The cost for the CWCP Re-Certification Course is $195.

To register please click here:  Registration Page.


For more information please review our CWCP FAQ