The 2022 CWCP Re-Certification Course Registration will close on 11/30/2022.


The 2023 CWCP Course Registration will open on 01/05/2023.


2022 CWCP Certification Course (CLOSED)

The CWCP Certification Course is a pre-requisite for a Georgia Workers’ Comp Adjuster’s License.
The CWCP Certification Course is a 3-part process; an on-line Course, a one-day Webinar, and a Final Exam.  Completion of the on-line Course is required before attendance to the Webinar can be granted.  5 Webinars are offered each year.  Upon successful completion of the CWCP Certification Course, a CWCP Designation Certificate is awarded each participant.

The fee for the CWCP Certification Course is $495.


2022 CWCP Re-Certification Course-  (On-line Option ONLY)

The CWCP Re-Certification Course is taken each year to maintain a current CWCP Designation.
The CWCP Re-Certification Course can be taken as an “on-line” Course OR by attending a “live” Classroom Event OR by participating in a one-day Webinar.  Details of the available options are listed below.  Only participants with an active CWCP Designation are eligible to register for a CWCP Re-Certification Course.

The fee for the CWCP Re-Certification Course is $195.


CWCP Re-Certification “On-line” Course option.

This option is a self-paced, web-based Course with a completion deadline of December 1, 2022.  


CWCP Re-Certification “Live” Class option. (CLOSED)

CWCP Re-Certification “Webinar” option. (CLOSED)