2022 Marks the 23rd year of the CWCP Program!

We entered 2021 hopeful that the challenges of 2020 were firmly placed in our rear view mirrors.  Unfortunately not much changed as COVID continued under the disguise of 2 variant strains allowing only a slight release from the previous year’s grip.  Now we greet 2022 with hopeful hearts and sincere gratitude to those of you that continued to support the CWCP Program and ride the crazy wave of change with us.  The addition of the Webinar format we offered as an alternative to the “live” events that were cancelled the previous 2 years due to COVID, proved to be very popular so we’ve added it as an “re-certification” option again this year.  In addition to the Webinar, we will host a “live” Classroom Event at the State Board of Workers’ Comp’s (SBWC) Annual Training Conference on August 31st.  The Conference will be held this year at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. And, our self-paced, on-line option has 10 training modules based on current topics and presented by top professionals in Georgia’s workers’ comp system.  The deadline for completing the on-line course option is December 1st.

If you are new to the CWCP Program and are considering joining us, you are in very good company.  Over 200 organizations and 600 individuals participate in the Program each year and we’d love to add you to the “Family’.  Course Registration is now open and information on each Course is available to you on our Home Page, as well as helpful tidbits found under our frequently asked questions (FAQ) tab.  You may also contact us directly should you have need any additional information.  It would be our pleasure to help you!

We feel very optimistic about 2022 and are excited about this year’s curriculum!  As is our practice, we’ve assembled the best in class in Georgia’s Workers’ Comp community for you and they’ve provided very strong content designed to equip you with everything you need to continue your journey as a WC Shining Star!

Now let’s get this 2022 WC Party started!